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Trails at Fall Creek Falls

courtesy of Tennessee State Parks

Fall Creek Falls Area Map
Taft Area Village

Woodland Trail
...the major trail leading
from the Nature Center to Fall Creek Falls
Overlook. Beginning behind the Nature
Center, the trail crosses Cane Creek Cascades
by way of a swinging bridge, goes up a set
of steps and then on to the Fall Creek Falls
Overlook-it does have a few up hills along the

Campground Trail...a short connector of the
campground to the Woodland Trail. The trail
starts in the back of campground “C” near
site #177. This important connector makes
it possible to originate a hike from your
campsite and link it to any of the other trails
and their destinations the Gorge Overlook
Trail and extension of the Woodland Trail. The
trail begins (or ends) .2mi from the Nature
Center near the top of the hill on the Woodland
Trail. Forking off to the right, it forms a scenic
bypass loop to the direct Woodland Trail. The
trail passes overlooks of the Cane Creek Falls,
two views of Cane Creek Gulf and Fall Creek
Falls and then rejoins the Woodland Trail near
Fall Creek. Each overlook is worth the extra

Turkey Pen Ridge Trail...a connector of the
Village Area to the Woodland Trail. This
important trail makes it possible to originate
a hike from the Village Area and link it to any
of the other trails and their destinations or to
go from any trail to the Village Area.. The trail
originates off of the Village road (which leads
from the camper check-in to the dam) directly
across from the entrance to the village. Park in
the Village Area, cross the road and enjoy. The
hike is a .4mi stroll on an almost level, shaded
path. At the Woodland Trail it is a .3mi-right
to the Nature Center or .45mi-left to Fall
Creek Falls Overlook.

Base of Fall Creek Falls Trail...a steep trail to
the bottom of the falls. At the Falls Overlook,
the trail to the left continues to the plunge pool
of Fall Creek Falls. This trail winds through
ancient layers of rock while experiencing
the cool temperatures and looming trees of
a virgin forest as it descends through the
Fall Creek Gorge to the base of the Falls and
magnificent view of the tumbling waters. It is
only .4mi to the base, but then it is a long .4mi
back to the top. Be sure and rest, hiking is not
a contest. Stay on the trail. Do not shortcut the

Piney Falls Trail...a pleasant stroll through the
center of the Scenic Loop. It begins near the
Fall Creek Falls Parking Lot and is accessible
from either the Bike Path or the Falls Road.
The trail goes though the Loop, crossing
several small creeks and then reaches Piney
Falls Road after 1.3mi. After crossing the
road, the trail bears right and continues .55mi
to the Piney Falls Area. The trail is a part of
the Lower Loop Overnight Trail, but is over
easy terrain. Note: after arriving at Piney Falls
Road (after walking through the loop), it is
a short walk (left) along the road to the Bike
Path and an easy return to Fall Creek Falls.

Milliken’s Trail...A side trail off the Piney
Falls Trail which goes to the overlook. The
overlook is a great place to take a break, even
though there are no restrooms or water, and
the trail is a great way to get there. Follow
the Piney Falls Trail for 1mi. Turn right
on Millikan’s Trail where it is .4mi to the
overlook. From the overlook it is 1.5m back to
Fall Creek Falls parking lot using the Scenic
Loop Drive. Walking along roads is usualy not
as much fun, but this is an exception because
of the magnificent overlooks. Walking the
Loop gives the hiker the opportunity or the
excuse to stop at each overlook.

Piney Falls Side Trails...overlook and bridge
trails. In the Piney area there are two very
short trails. Beginning at the parking area,
the path to the right leads to the Piney Falls
overlook and the one to the left goes steeply
downhill to the long swinging bridge over
Piney Creek.

Paw Paw Trail...A loop with great views
of Cane Creek Gorge. The trail starts at
the Nature Center and heads north to cross
Rockhouse Creek, climbs a hill, and continues
on to striking views of Cane Creek Falls, the
Cane Creek Gulf, and Fall Creek Falls.
Cable Trail...a steep trail to the base of Cane
Creek Falls. On the Paw Paw Trail, the trail
going uphill to the left immediately after
crossing Rockhouse Creek is the Cable Trail.
This is a rugged, steep trail, please use the
cable. NOTE: See the Cable Trail Information
map online or consult with a Ranger or the
Nature Center Staff before walking the Cable

Gilbert Gaul Loop...the newest trail in the
Park. Park at the gate of Group Camp #2. The
trail begins on the left side of the paved road
and follows an old dirt road for a level .8mi
(stay right-actually straight-at the beginning of
the hike where another old road branches off
to the left-this is the return). The dirt road then
goes downhill into an open field, close to the
site of the Gilvert Gaul homestead, and finally
on to the head of the lake. Here the road ends
and the trail really begins leading off to the
left. Follow along the lake for 1.1mi to the
Frazier Ran Shelter-a great place for a break.
It is then 1.35 miles from the shelter around
the lake to the cabins. Shortly before reaching
the cabins the main trail leaves the lake and
goes up a gentle hill for .2mi. This section of
the trail was nicknamed the “fern line”. At the
top of the hill go right on another old road and
it’s .45mi back to the trailhead. Notes:
1. The trail is new and might be as obvious as
a beaten path. However, it follows a road or a
lake so it should not be hard to follow. 2. The
trail can also be accessed from the end of the
Villas (cabins) but this trailhead should only
be used by Inn or Cabin visitors.

Bike Paths...paved paths. These paths are
useful when linking other trails or just walking
them as a trail. Please yield the right of way to
the bikes, it is their path. Go to Mountain Bike
trails for more biking and trail information.
Inn to the Dam...a paved path which follows
the lake for 1.35mi

Dam to Fall Creek Falls Overlook...a
paved path which winds through a forest to a
junction after .45mi. Go left, cross a bridge,
and continue .1mi to the top of a hill and
another junction. Go right and it is .1mi to the

Dam to the Cul-de-Sac and Woodland Trail...a
paved path which winds through a forest to
a junction after .45mi. Then go straight .2mi
(instead of left to the Falls) to reach the Culde-
sac. The Woodland trail is a short distance
down the hill from the paved circle.
Fall Creek Falls Overlook to the Piney Falls
Road Intersection...a paved path which
parallels the Fall Creek Falls Road for 1.1mi.

Fall Creek Falls State Park
Office 423-881-5298
Inn/Cabin Reservations 1-800-250-8610
Camping 1-800-250-8611

Day Use Trail Map

Backcountry Camping Map
Horseback Riding Trails

Mountain Biking Trails
Trail maps and information
(printable PDF format)

Nature Center 423-881-5708

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